We offer EDITING and MIXING services, utilizing state of the art software and hardware including Pro Tools 11, Waves plugins, TC Electronic converters, ADAM Audio monitoring systems, and more. MASTERING is a notoriously secretive and mysterious field, and we have a few tricks up our sleeve. We utilize an array of specialized software, hardware and hybrid systems in order to polish your recordings, maximize headroom and ensure sonic consistency. We are primarily devoted to mixing and mastering and can only offer limited tracking services for minor corrections, but we can advise clients on excellent recording studios in the area for tracking purposes. With our DISTRIBUTION services, you can get your music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all other major digital music stores as well as sell your hard copy CDs on Amazon. We take care of the distribution, collection and accounting. Our PUBLISHING arm is a full service publisher and copyright administrator. We can protect your intellectual property by registering your compositions, recordings and cover art with the United States Copyright Office, and ensure you are getting paid your performance royalties through the various Performing Rights Organizations and SoundExchange. PROMOTIONAL materials can include anything from flyers to shirts to web design. We offer graphic design services using industry standard software that can handle photography, cover art, concert posters, t-shirt design and more. We also offer off-site printing services for posters, CDs, clothing and other merchandise.


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